Quality system

Quality system

The quality management department is the quality assurance (QA), quality inspection (QC) in two parts, the production workshop quality implementation of the workshop director of the quality of the company, the quality of the company, Responsibility system, production team and warehouse set up part-time supervisor, formed a three-level quality management system. The company's existing quality assurance (QA) and quality inspection (QC) staff of 35 people, including six national pharmacists, with more than six titles.
The company in 2002 on the product testing place for a comprehensive transformation, the existing testing site 800m2. The main testing equipment are: Japan imported GC-9A gas chromatograph, 10-AT liquid chromatography, 810 gas chromatograph, drug dissolution tester, refractometer, polarizer, 751-GW type and 751 spectrophotometer, Friable degree tester, infrared instrument and other large precision instruments. All testing equipment can meet the needs of the company's product testing.
The company has established a sound and effective monitoring system for all kinds of raw materials, including the quality of raw materials, including the quality of raw materials, the procurement, acceptance, warehousing, inspection, manufacturing, sales, quality complaints, adverse reaction reports, Qualified intermediates do not flow into the next process, substandard drugs may not be factory sales, to ensure that people drug safety and effective.
My company has a dedicated drug research institute, drug research Institute of the existing 10 scientific research personnel, including a senior title (national outstanding contributions of experts), intermediate grade 9 (practicing pharmacists 4). Pharmaceutical Research Institute has now established a basic meet the requirements of the GLP drug research laboratory, with crusher, tablet machine, high efficiency coating pot and other advanced test equipment more than 10 sets, can independently assume the chemical raw materials, Chinese and Western medicine preparations New drugs and generic drugs in the process and quality of work.
I have developed scientific research personnel of the state eight new drugs, generic drugs more than 30, made more than 5 municipal science and technology achievement awards.